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Innovating Agriculture & Irrigation Flow Meters since 1955

Agricultural and turf irrigators operate in difficult environments with extreme climates where water flow measurement can be the difference between profit or loss. With 60+ years of experience in agricultural irrigation, McCrometer provides reliable and low maintenance flow meter solutions to meet this industry's tough requirements.

McCrometer flow meters offer unbeatable value in cost of installation and ownership, and set the standard for ease-of-use, reliability and economy. Our leading edge meters offer versatile water flow measurement that have been trusted by irrigators since 1955.

Watch the video below to learn more about McCrometer's Mc Mag3000, battery operated mag meter with a 5 year Guaranteed Battery Life.

Drinking Water Flow Meter

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  Propeller Meter Mag Meter Telemetry Accuracy Line Sizes

Easy to Install
& Service

Custom Lengths / Flanges Remote Meter Reading
    Mc® Propeller     ±2% 2" - 96"
    FS100 Flow Straightener     ±2% 6" - 12"
    Water Specialties Propeller Meter™     ±2% 2" - 72"
    Mc Mag3000     ±2% 4" - 12"  
    Ultra Mag®     ±0.5% 2" - 48"  
    McCrometer CONNECT®     N/A N/A  
What Our Customers are Saying: "My decision to specify McCrometer is based upon these four basic facts: they are ruggedly built, simple to install, easy to read, and above all have had consistent high quality for more than 20 years." David R. Bower, Ewing Irrigation Products
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A Few of our Agriculture Irrigation Flow Meters .... Find out More ...
Agriculture Flow Meters
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Water Flow Meter Types
Insertion Flow Meter
cooling water flow meter
Water Flow Meter Types

McCrometer Mc Propeller: Affordable, easy to install and operate, easy to service in the field, long-life components.

McCrometer CONNECT Telemetry System: turn-key wireless remote monitoring system reduces costly manual data collection.

Mc Mag3000 Flow Meters: A new alternative for flow measurement with a 5 year guaranteed battery life.

McCrometer FS100 Flow Straightener: Uses breakthrough technology for highly accurate, reliable flow measurement.

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