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McCrometer’s FPI, SPI and Water Specialties  Flow Meters
My decision to specify McCrometer is based on these four basic facts: they are ruggedly built, simple to install, easy for my customers to read, and above all, have had consistent high quality for more than 20 years.

Less is truly more with the V-Cone Flow Meter
Agricultural and turf irrigators operate in difficult environments with extreme climates where water flow measurement can be the difference between profit or loss. With 60 years of experience in agricultural irrigation, McCrometer provides reliable and low maintenance flow meter solutions to meet this industry’s tough requirements.

Propeller Flow Meters
McCrometer's Mc® Propeller Meter is the industry’s most popular irrigation propeller meters with 60 years of proven service. They set the standard for ease-of-use, reliability and economy. McCrometer also offers the Water Specialties brand of propeller meters. All McCrometer meters are available with pulse output for telemetry.

Key Features/Benefits
Easy to read with a mechanical
    register that calculates both total and  
    instantaneous flow
Durable, built with a time-tested
    rugged design
Straight-forward hassle-free installation
Versatile with a wide range of


Agriculture and Turf Irrigation Applications

Canal Laterals
Center Pivot Systems
Commercial Drip
Food Processors
Golf Courses
Horticultural Growers
Irrigation Districts
Municipal Parks
Sprinkler Irrigation
Turf Farms
Well Management
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Learn more about the Water
    Specialties Propeller

McCrometer CONNECT® Telemetry System
McCrometer CONNECT is a turn-key wireless remote monitoring system with 24/7 capability for irrigation and crop management, which reduces costly manual data collection. McCrometer, the irrigation industry’s most trusted flow meter supplier for 55 years, now provides a one-stop-shop for:
Remote communications
Water Management Sensors
Training, support and field service

Key Features / Benefits
One stop shop solution from the flow experts-McCrometer provides
Affordable solution for individual flow meter sites
Affordable solution for multiple meter sites requiring only one
    satellite connection for every 25 meters
Save time with flow data available anytime from the Internet
Alarm notifications via email and phone

Learn more about the
McCrometer CONNECT Telemetry System

FS100 Flow Straightener
McCrometer’s FS100 Flow Straightener uses breakthrough technology to condition flow. It removes swirl and other disturbances for highly accurate, reliable liquid flow measurement in areas with limited straight pipe run.

Mc Propeller MO308 with Flow StraightenerKey Features / Benefits
Needs only 1.5 diameters of     straight pipe run upstream and
    0-0.5 diameter downstream
Can be installed in close
    proximity to chemigation,
    butterfly and gate valves,
    out-of-plane elbows and

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Ultra Mag Flow Meters
McCrometer’s Ultra Mag® Flow Meter is ideal for use in agriculture and turf irrigation applications. It operates over a wide flow range with no moving parts.

Key Features / Benefits
No moving parts-no wear and tear
Non-clogging flow element for dirty water applications
Accuracy of ±0.5% and repeatability of ±0.05%
Rugged UltraLiner for superior durability
Fits a wide range of line sizes

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Mc Mag3000 Flow Meters
The award-winning Mc Mag33000 provides growers and irrigators with a new alternative for flow measurement. With a guaranteed 5-year battery life, data logging capability and saddle mount design, the Mc Mag3000 delivers the dependability and ease-of-installation McCrometer has provided to the agricultural market for 60 years.

Key Features / Benefits
Dependable - Guaranteed 5-year battery life delivers performance season after season
Easy to Install - Saddle mount style provides hassle-free installation, saving you time and money
Durable - Robust construction with angled sensor design that naturally sheds debris for even tough dirty or surface water applications
Accurate - Multiple electrode sensors delivers ±2% accuracy for results you can trust*
Telemetry Ready - McCrometer CONNECT™ wireless system capability provides easy access to remote meter data

Data Logger - Stores 5 years of rate & total data

Learn more about the Mag33000

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