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McCrometer’s V-Cone and Wafer-Cone Flow Meters
Extremely cost effective product from both the initial capital expendutire and the required maintenance after installation.

Proven flow measurement solutions for any fluid
Industrial utilities, district energy facilities, power generation and many other types of industrial processing plants all depend on the economical handling of energy, which requires accurate, reliable flow instrumentation.

V-Cone Flow Meters
McCrometer’s V-Cone® Flow Meter is the industry’s most versatile dP meter, measuring any fluid anywhere. For over twenty years, the V-Cone has proven itself, to meeting the power generation, HVAC and other liquid flow measurement application requirements of the Food and Beverage, Chemical Processing, Pulp and Paper, Metals and Mining, Pharmaceutical and Aerospace industries.

Key Features / Benefits
Excellent accuracy and repeatability
Highly responsive, wide 10:1 turndown
Self-conditioning saves space
Low maintenance
Long life exceeding 25 years

The V-Cone Flow Meter's advanced self-conditioning design largely eliminates long straight runs of pipe upstream and downstream from the meter to provide a well-developed flow profile for accurate measurement with a wide 10:1 turndown.

The result is a dramatic savings in layout space and piping that greatly reduces instrument installation complexity and cost. With performance, ease of installation, low maintenance and long life, the V-Cone is the superior value solution.

With performance, ease of installation, low maintenance and long life, the V-Cone is the superior value solution when it comes to flow measurement.

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Industrial Process Applications

Food and Beverage
Industrial Facilities
    (Commercial Buildings,
    Universities, Hospitals,
Metals and Mining
Power / Co-generation
Pulp and Paper


Anheuser Busch
Arizona Power
Arnold Air Force Base
CF Industries
General Atomics
General Dynamics
General Electric
M&M Mars
Major Universities such
    as MIT, UNC, UT, SMU
NASA Stennis AFB
Southern Company
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