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McCrometer Background Information
McCrometer was founded by engineers committed to developing flow measurement solutions for the real world. Unable to find the right flow meter for their irrigation system, the original engineers designed their own, and went on to form McCrometer. Now, more than 60 years later, this solutions-oriented approach still guides the company  The company’s industry expert reputation is built on a wealth of experience in the design, manufacture and testing of flow measurement equipment. Unlike many of its competitors, McCrometer concentrates solely on manufacturing flow meters. This allows the company to focus on producing quality instruments and provide around-the-clock technical support to its customers worldwide.
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Products and Services
McCrometer’s innovative instrumentation solutions solve a wide variety of flow measurement challenges in municipal water / waste, oil / gas production, industrial processes, electric power generation, institutional facilities and agriculture.

V-Cone Flow Meter
The V-Cone Flow MeterThe patented V-Cone Flow Meter solves challenging fluid applications, and operates in some of the harshest environments. This advanced differential pressure-type (DP) flow meter offers high accuracy and repeatability, flexible installation, and little to no maintenance for the widest range of fluids. V-Cone approvals and certifications: Canadian custody transfer approved. Meters in compliance with PED97\23\EC are available upon request. The V-Cone is manufactured under a quality management system that is certified to ISO 9001:2000.

The VM V-ConeSystem
The V2 SystemThe VM V-Cone System, The Space Saver, is a flow meter that saves space by reducing the need for upstream and downstream straight pipe runs in water applications. The VM V-Cone System is easy to install and requires no calibration, keeping operating costs down where they belong.

The Wafer-Cone Flow Meter
The Wafer-Cone Flow MeterThe Wafer-Cone Flow Meter, with its unique design element, can be machined in different material, including corrosion-resistant plastics and metals. It uses the same revolutionary principles found in the V-Cone and is an ideal solution for difficult installations or situations where long-term reliability is a must

The Ultra Mag Flow Meter
The Ultra Mag Flow MeterThe Ultra Mag Flow Meter from McCrometer is a precision electromagnetic instrument designed specifically to meet the liquid flow needs of the water and wastewater industry. With innovative features, such as the UltraLiner™ fusion-bonded epoxy liner and a state-of-the-art microprocessor-based signal converter, it delivers exceptional reliability, durability and ±0.5% accuracy.

The Mc Propeller Flow Meter

The McPropeller Flow MeterThe Mc Propeller Flow Meter measures both liquid rate-of-flow and volume, using advanced turbine technology and a helical shaped impeller. It features a unique self-cleaning design that prevents the build-up of solids. It’s highly accurate to ±2% of actual flow, easy to install and built with rugged materials for low maintenance and long-life.

The Water Specialties Propeller Meter
Water Specialties Propeller MeterThe Water Specialties Propeller Meters from McCrometer are designed and manufactured with precise techniques and high quality components. They offer superior performance, low maintenance and unsurpassed durability. Meter materials and flow ranges for low velocity construction meet or exceed AWWA standard C704.

The FPI Mag Meter
FPI Mag Electromagnetic Flow MeterThe FPI Mag Electromagnetic Flow Meters from McCrometer deliver 0.5% accuracy, installs without cutting pipe, welding flanges, de-watering lines or interrupting service; dramatically reducing installation time and costs, including heavy equipment and added labor, by up to 45% over traditional full pipe flow meter installation.

The Mc Mag3000 Battery Operated Mag Meter
Mc Mag 3000 Battery Operated Mag MeterThe Award Winning Mc Magsup3000 Electromagnetic Flow Meters from McCrometer provides growers and irrigators with a new alternative for flow measurement. With a guaranteed 5-year battery life, data logging capability and saddle mount design, the Mc Mag3000 delivers the dependability and ease-of-installation McCrometer has provided to the agricultural market for 60 years.

McCrometer’s flow measurement solutions address markets that include Municipal / Industrial Water & Waste, Oil & Gas, Process Control & Plant, Electric Power, Institutional Facilities and Agriculture. The company’s products and systems are found in thousands of installations worldwide. Its products and systems meet many of the world’s most demanding safety and quality standards.

Municipal / Industrial Water & Waste
McCrometer offers the industry’s preferred liquid flow measurement solution for both clean and waste water applications. The innovative VM V-Cone System flow meter, The Space Saver, is a perfect fit for water and wastewater applications, with built-in flow conditioning for high accuracy and a rugged no moving parts technology that operates over a wide turndown range. Users often find the best retrofit or expansion space-saver solution with the VM V-Cone System.

Oil and Gas Industries
The highly accurate V-Cone and Wafer-Cone perform reliably in the harshest environments, including sub-sea platforms, offshore platforms, on land and in wet or dirty gas environments. McCrometer’s flow meters meet tough energy industry performance standards and are cost-effective. They operate in downtime-critical offshore platform production and in corrosive, high-temperature environments, which complicates this challenge.

Process Control & Plant
Chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and pulp & paper plants face many environmental and competitive pressures; the right flow measurement tool ensures compliance, tracks precious resources, and minimizes costs. With the V-Cone, McCrometer offers accurate, reliable and environmentally-compliant flow solutions, including liquid, steam, dry or wet gases, dirty and abrasive flows, distributed fluids, water and other clean flows.

Electric Power
When it comes to the newest generation of gas and steam turbines for electric power generation, many flow meters just can’t handle the variable loads. McCrometer’s V-Cone DP flow sensing technology, with its no-moving parts design, offers precise measurement over a wide turn-down range in the most rugged plant environments.

Institutional Facilities
Institutional facilities users require flow meter solutions that maintain accuracy in steam and chilled water applications to meet today’s increasingly tight government regulations. McCrometer’s V-Cone advanced DP flow meter is exceptionally precise in both steam and chilled water systems. The V-Cone requires a minimal straight run to save space in retrofit or expansion projects and saves costs with low maintenance and a long life.

Flow measurement plays a vital role in agriculture and irrigation. McCrometer's nearly 60 years of industry experience resulted in the best-selling irrigation flow meter in the US, the Mc® Propeller meter. McPropeller meters play a vital role by helping farmers conserve water resources. At the same time, this flow meter optimizes irrigation for improved crop yields and soil conservation.

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