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McCrometer News Releases
Free Flow Measurement Evaluations  Performed At AWWA ACE .09.
Free Flow Measurement Evaluations
Performed At AWWA ACE .09

About McCrometer
McCrometer’s advanced liquid, steam and gas flow measurement solutions solve complex challenges in Agriculture, Municipal/Industrial Water & Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Process Control & Plant, Electric Power Generation, and Institutional Facilities. The company’s products and systems are found in thousands of installations worldwide. Its products and systems meet many of the world’s most demanding industrial, safety and quality standards.
Free Flow Measurement Evaluations
Performed At AWWA ACE .09

Water and wastewater treatment professionals attending AWWA’s ACE 2009 who visit McCrometer Exhibit Booth 1920 will be offered the opportunity to complete a free Flow Evaluation of their water application at the show with a trained flow meter specialist. The specialists will offer best practice instrument advice that will ensure selection of the proper flow meter technology, a smooth hassle-free installation and reduce long-term cost of ownership.

McCrometer will exhibit a broad line of electromagnetic, differential pressure and propeller technology flow meters. The exhibit will include demo meter models and video flow technology presentations. Visitors will learn the advantages of McCrometer’s advanced flow technologies in measuring liquid flow for municipal surface water collection/transportation, well water production, raw water influent, booster stations, filter backwash, treated water filtration and pipe galleries, finished water effluent and distribution systems.

Ultra Mag Flow Meter
Instrument engineers at municipal water/wastewater facilities will find the Ultra Mag® full-bore Flow Meter from McCrometer's features a new streamlined sensor design that makes it lighter and easy to install--yet durable. The Ultra Mag is available with custom lay lengths, ISO standard lay lengths and can be fitted with a variety of flanged end connections.

Marsh Single-Mag Flow Meter
The Marsh Single-Mag® is a single point insertable Flow Meter that provides a highly cost-effective solution for the accurate measurement of liquid flow in closed conduit, full pipe applications. Designed for water applications such as raw water intake and clear wells to wastewater applications such as effluent, Waste Activated Sludge, Return Activated Sludge and reclaim/recycled water. The hot tap installation eliminates the need to shut down for installation or service and the flexibility of permanent or temporary installation.

Marsh Multi-Mag Flow Meter
The Marsh Multi-Mag® Flow Meter is the only multiple point insertable Flow Meter on the market today. Multiple electrodes located across the sensor compensate for shifting profiles by averaging the flow. The hot tappable meter is a cost effective alternative to a full-bore flow meter and can be easily installed in tight spaces. The limited straight run pipe requirements further save cost from materials and installation labor. This flow meter has no moving parts, never requires re-calibration and is not clogged by sand, grit or debris.

V2 System Flow Meter
The V2 System® Flow Meter features an advanced differential pressure flow sensing design with built-in flow conditioning for superior accuracy. The V2 System is the ideal new or retrofit flow meter for multiple clean water and wastewater treatment applications.

WS Propeller Flow Meter
The WS Propeller® Flow Meters have set the standard for liquid flow measurement performance, ease-of-use and value. These leading-edge propeller flow meters offer economical and versatile flow measurement with optional transmitters for connection to SCADA and PLC systems.

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