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Space-Saving V-Cone® Flow Meter Cuts WAG System Installed & Operational Costs

About McCrometer
McCrometer’s advanced liquid, steam and gas flow measurement solutions solve complex challenges in Agriculture, Municipal/Industrial Water & Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Process Control & Plant, Electric Power Generation, and Institutional Facilities. The company’s products and systems are found in thousands of installations worldwide. Its products and systems meet many of the world’s most demanding industrial, safety and quality standards.
McCrometer Exhibits Space-Saving
V-Cone Flow Meter with Live Demo At OTC 2013
Ideal for Offshore Platforms, Subsea Modules & Floating Production Vessels and Onshore Well-head Applications

Visitors to OTC 2013, May 6-9, Houston, who stop by Booth 8819 will learn more about McCrometer’s advanced V-Cone® Flow Meter, the ideal fluid measurement solution for rugged offshore production environments.

McCrometer’s exhibit at OTC will feature a new flow demonstration unit. This live demo will show how the V-Cone Flow meter conditions flow unlike any other flow technology. Conditioning the flow in the pipe ensures accurate, reliable dP flow measurement in any environment.

With its unique differential pressure (dP) cone design, the versatile V-Cone Flow Meter and highly scalable Wafer-Cone® Flow Meter provide superior flow measurement accuracy and repeatability regardless of space and weight constraints. McCrometer’s field-proven flow measurement solutions have met the demanding production environment of the oil and gas industry for more than three decades.

Third party testing to the American Petroleum Institute’s API 22.2 Testing Protocol for Differential Pressure Flow Devices confirms the V-Cone’s highly accurate flow measurement with minimal pipe runs. The V-Cone also is available with international certifications such as Measurement Canada, INMETRO, GOST and many others.

V-Cone Flow Meter 
V-Cone Flow Meter reduces the upstream/downstream straight pipe run required by Orifice Plates and Venturi Tubes by up to 70 percent. This significant reduction in pipe requirements adds up to cost savings in materials and installation labor that reduce FPSO Vessel tonnage and the footprint of Subsea modules. Using less pipe and reducing total weight also simplifies vessel balancing, making it easier to find the optimal location for flow meter installation.

The V-Cone provides a stable flow profile for reliable measurement, featuring accuracy of ±0.5% of actual flow and repeatability of ±0.1% over the entire range. It is ideal for the measurement of liquid, steam or gas and is available for line sizes from 0.5 to 150 inches, with an unmatched range-ability. Its no-moving-parts design provides an extremely rugged instrument.

Wafer-Cone Flow Meter
Highly scalable, McCrometer’s
Wafer-Cone Flow Meter is ideal for processes in line sizes from 1 to 6 inches for onshore well-head measurement, Oil Treating, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Coal Bed Methane, Coal Seam Gas and Oil Sands applications. It can be installed virtually anywhere in a piping system or be easily retrofit into an existing piping layout, resulting in significant installation flexibility and in new installation initial cost savings. The Wafer-Cone Flow Meter achieves an accuracy of +1.0 percent, with a repeatability of +0.1 percent, and operates over a flow range of 10:1. The Wafer-Cone raises the bar for economy, ease of use and performance.

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