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McCrometer is a global leader in providing flow meter solutions for the most rigorous industries. Its products provide long life and low total operating costs across rigorous manufacturing segments including: instrumentation, automation, control, process control, and batch control   The company’s flow products and systems are found in thousands of installations worldwide. Its flow measurement solutions perform to the industry’s most demanding safety and quality standards worldwide.

fluid service product used
Air McCrometer flowmeters can measure air flows across a wide range of pressures and temperatures. Mixed air and gas flows can also be measured. V-Cone

Water McCrometer flowmeters are designed to measure various kinds of water flow, from potable water to flows with suspended solids or entrained gases. We specialize in measuring disturbed flows, as well as abrasive and / or corrosive water streams.



VM V-Cone System

Mc Propeller

Water Specialties Propeller Meter

Ultra Mag




Mc Mag3000

Mc SpaceSaver

Steam McCrometer flowmeters can measure various steam flows. As well as clean steam, our instruments can handle low quality steam with entrained liquid, saturated steam and superheated steam. V-Cone

Liquids McCrometer flowmeters are designed to accommodate non-aqueous liquids ranging from hydrocarbons, such as crude oil and kerosene, to chemical solutions and cryogenic fluids. V-Cone

Gases McCrometer flowmeters measure hydrocarbons, including natural gas, oxygen, carbon dioxide and methane, as well as measuring almost any Newtonian gas. They can also be used with multi-phase gases, containing entrained liquids or suspended solids. V-Cone



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