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10.75" Mc Propeller, AI/GPM Standard Bearings, ID 10.374" (sch10)

Series: MO310-D-449
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Best Selling Propeller Meter in the United States

When it comes to your flow measurement needs, the best solution for measuring irrigation water with a propeller meter is McCrometer's Mc Propeller flow meter. This leading meter is used by irrigators world-wide, and is available with all of the features you need, none of the features you don't. The Mc Propeller flowmeter requires no power to operate, and features straightforward, hassle-free installation: just cut the pipe and bolt it on. It includes an easy-to-read digital register that calculates both total and instantaneous flow, providing reliable information for water resource managers. With the Mc Propeller meter, you can count on durability with a time-tested rugged design, accurate within ±2% of reading, calibrated in our NIST Traceable test facilities. The McPropeller offers consistent, repeatable measurements due to the simplicity of the proven propeller design.

Mc Propeller - Built to Last

This meter arrives configured to measure units in Acre Inch (AI) with a rate unit of Gallons per Minute (GPM). This meter includes a standard bearing assembly with an impeller shaft that is 316 stainless steel, and 440C stainless steel ball bearings. For high flow applications, take a look at McCrometer's Mc Propeller flow meters with upgraded Marathon Bearings.