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8" Mc Propeller, AFT/GPM Marathon Bearings, ID 7.872" (16ga)

Series: MO308-M-91
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Durable, Time-Tested Rugged Propeller Flow Meter

When it comes to your flow measurement needs, the best solution for measuring irrigation water with a propeller meter is McCrometer's Mc Propeller flow meter. This leading meter is used by irrigators world-wide, and is available with all of the features you need, none of the features you don't. The Mc Propeller flowmeter requires no power to operate, and features straightforward, hassle-free installation: just cut the pipe and bolt it on. It includes an easy-to-read, hermetically sealed mechanical register that calculates both total and instantaneous flow with a six-digit straight-reading totalizer. With the Mc Propeller meter, you can count on durability with a time-tested rugged design, accurate within ±2% of reading, calibrated in our NIST Traceable test facilities. The McPropeller offers consistent, repeatable measurements due to the simplicity of the proven propeller design.

Mc Propeller - Built to Last

This meter arrives configured to measure units in Acre Feet (AFT) with a rate unit of Gallons (GAL). This irrigation water flow meter also features an upgrade to Marathon Bearings which increases the high flowrate range of the meter by 50%. The Marathon Bearing assembly differs from the standard bearing assembly with the addition of a third bearing in the fore chamber of the assembly. The third bearing offers greater support of the propeller, and will lengthen the meter life in high flow applications, without diminishing accuracy in these higher flow rates.