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McCrometer’s V-Cone Flow Meter Certified by Petroleum Development Oman for Oil / Gas Service

October 3, 2016

Agriculture, Amusement, Horticulture, Institutional Facilities, Municipalities, Recreation, Reclamation, Turf Farms

With its leading-edge propeller flow sensing design and rugged packaging, the Mc® Propeller flow meter from McCrometer sets the industry standard for liquid flow measurement performance, ease-of-use and value in agricultural, horticulture, turf and other irrigation applications requiring high volume water use.

With the demand and the cost for water continuously rising, the need for farmers, growers, facility managers and other high volume users to manage water wisely has never been more important. Federal and state regulatory requirements also continue to proliferate, demanding a stricter accountability for water use. The Mc Propeller Model M0300 flow meter is a bolt-on saddle type instrument that provides an instantaneous indication and totalization of liquid flow without electrical power. The flow range is 1-15 FPS, under pressures up to 150 psi and a continuous operation temperature up to 160°F maximum. Measurement accuracy is +2% of rate and repeatability is +0.25% in pipes from 4 to 96 inches. 

The Mc Propeller M0300’s bolt-on configuration makes it easy to install, requiring only 5 pipe diameters upstream and 1 pipe diameter downstream. Its compact space-saver design makes it ideal for retrofit applications. Unlike traditional propeller meters, it features a flexible drive-train and sealed ball bearings, making it easier to service in the field and lowering maintenance costs. 

With its high accuracy, the M0300 is a water management tool as well, helping to reduce water costs, preventing over-irrigation and reducing leaching of chemicals and fertilizers into the ground. This flow meter’s high accuracy also makes it suitable for other water applications, such as municipal/industrial water & wastewater, marine systems, pumping stations, truck loading/discharging and more.

The Mc Propeller M0300 flow meter consists of a rotating device, a helical-shaped impeller, positioned in the flow stream. When liquid passes through the meter, it contacts the impeller causing it to spin. The impeller’s rotational velocity is directly proportional to the velocity of the flow. The rotation is translated through a magnetic coupling and flexible drive system to the register, which calculates the flow rate by multiplying the flow velocity with the cross-sectional area of the meter tube.

Unlike paddlewheel, vortex shedding and magnetic insertion style flow meters, the Mc Propeller M0300 flow meter measures flow across almost the entire cross-sectional area of the pipe for higher accuracy. The other technologies sample only a small portion of the pipe cross-sectional area, which reduces their accuracy and repeatability, especially in variable low flow or highly turbulent flow environments. They also require electric power to operate, which adds to their installation complexity and adds the operational cost of power to their use.

The Mc Propeller M0300 is the result of 50-years of engineering experience in agricultural irrigation applications. McCrometer was founded by farmers who were looking for a better way to irrigate and manage water costs. Since then, the company has continued to build its liquid flow measurement technology leadership. The M0300 was designed in the USA, and it’s manufactured in the USA for American farmers and other high volume water users.

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