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New V2 System™ Flow Meter Delivers High Accuracy For Industrial Water & Wastewater

October 3, 2016

Ideal For Plant Water Wells, Plant Water Pump Stations, Reclaimed Water,
HVAC System Chilled Water, Steam Systems, And Treated Water Effluent

With its advanced differential pressure flow technology, the new V2 System Flow Meter from McCrometer features built-in flow conditioning for superior accuracy and requires minimum upstream / downstream straight-run piping when installed. The V2 System Flow Meter is the ideal new or retrofit flow meter solution in a wide range of industrial process or plant water and wastewater applications. 

The V2 System shines in line sizes from 4 to 18 inches, wherever irregular or crowded piping and equipment conditions make other flow technologies impractical or unworkable due to the complex, costly construction needed to meet their longer straight-run piping requirements. It is easy to install, requires virtually no maintenance and features a long-life for a low life-cycle cost.

The V2 System comes pre-packaged and ready to install with a new built-in 3-way valve that isolates the transmitter from the process fluid flow for easy maintenance without shutting down the pipeline. It arrives from the factory wet-flow calibrated, eliminating many of the common headaches that arise when adding a flow meter to any existing flow installation. The V2 System Flow Meter accurately measures flow over a wide flow range from 40 to 7500 gallons per minute, depending on the line size.

The V2 System’s cone actually conditions fluid flow to provide a stable flow profile that increases accuracy. The V2’s design features a centrally-located cone inside a tube. The cone interacts with the fluid flow and reshapes the velocity profile to create a lower pressure region immediately downstream.

The cone’s central position in the line optimizes the velocity of the liquid flow at the point of measurement. The result is a highly stable flow profile for measurement accuracy from ±1% with ±0.1% repeatability over a wide flow range of 10:1. All of this is possible with a minimal straight pipe run of 0 to 3 diameters upstream and 0 to 1 diameters downstream from the flow meter.

In addition to excellent accuracy and repeatability over a broad range, the V2 differential pressure flow meter is suitable for a variety of rugged industrial process and plant applications, including plant water wells, plant pump stations, HVAC system chilled water, steam systems, hydro-electric power generation, reclaimed water and treated water effluent. The V-Cone’s rugged no-moving parts design is compatible with high temperature, dirty and abrasive environments that are common in many industrial processes and plants.

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