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FS 100 Flow Straightener for Agricultural and Turf Irrigation

Advanced Flow Straightening with Propeller Technology

FS100 Flow Straightener
Farmers, irrigation dealers and water district engineers will find the McCrometer Mc Propeller Meter and the FS100 Flow Straightener are the ideal solution for water metering programs in agriculture and turf irrigation. The Mc Propeller's advanced design delivers highly accurate liquid flow measurement in a rugged space-saving design that reduces installation costs, offers long-life and requires minimal maintenance.

Eliminate upstream and downstream pipe

The FS100 Flow Straightener provides breakthrough flow straightening technology that virtually eliminates the upstream / downstream straight pipe runs typically required in existing or new flow meter applications.

Requiring only 1.5 straight pipe diameters upstream and 0-0.5 downstream, the FS100 Flow Straightener when installed with the McPropeller slashes typical installation piping and labor costs by more than 50 percent, which makes it the right fit in both retrofit and brand new installations.

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McCrometer's Mc SpaceSaver Meter combines advanced FS100 flow straightening and flow conditioning with propeller meter technologies to deliver a space-saving, high-accuracy water measurement solution at the industry's lowest installed cost. CLICK HERE to learn more about the advantages of the Mc SpaceSaver Flow Meter.
Agricultural Municipal
  • Canal Laterals
  • Center Pivot Systems
  • Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation
  • Golf Course Management
  • Park Management
  • Back Wash
  • Cooling Water
  • Filter and Pipe Galleries
  • Potable Water
  • Pump Stations
  • Pump Stations Raw Water
  • Full List of Applications


  • Line Sizes: 6 through 12 inches
  • Straight Run: Needs only 1.5 diameters upstream, 0-0.5 diameter downstream
  • Built-in Flow Straightener: Conditions flow to remove swirl and other disturbances for highly accurate, reliable liquid flow measurement
  • Water Flow: Operates in both clean and dirty flows
  • Installation: Can be installed in close proximity to chemigation, butterfly and gate valves, out-of-plane elbows and reducers


The compact Mc SpaceSaver features built-in flow straightening technology combined with an Mc Propeller Meter, which offers highly accurate measurement in a space-saving design. It is suitable for both clean and dirty water flows, and the Mc Propeller is the top-selling flow meter in the US for agriculture and turf irrigation applications.

  • Accuracy: +/-2%
  • Repeatability: +/-0.25%
  • Flow Range: up to 15:1
  • Line Sizes: 6 through 12 inches
  • Very low permanent headloss
  • Mechanical instantaneous flow rate indicator and totalizer standard
  • Optional electronic digital register available
  • Unique magnetic coupling system, isolates register from flow
  • Needs only 1.5 diameters upstream, 0-0.5 diameter downstream
  • Straightening veins to generate optimum flow profiles
  • Epoxy-coated carbon steel body; all stainless available
  • Pre-calibrated, corrosion-resistant polymer impeller
  • Register options: forward/reverse flow; test hand/index wheel; anti-reverse totalizer; custom scale; extended digit totalizer

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See the Configuration Sheet for complete specifications

How It Works:

McCrometer's Mc SpaceSaver Meter consists of a built-in flow straightener, which conditions water flow, combined with the popular Mc Propeller Flow Meter -- the irrigation industry's favorite.

  • The Mc SpaceSaver Meter is designed with a unique approach. The Mc SpaceSaver's flow straightener is a cone-shaped device that sits upstream from the meter and conditions the fluid to remove flow irregularities prior to measurement.
  • The conditioned flow supports high accuracy flow measurement and virtually eliminates the need for space-consuming, costly upstream/downstream straight-pipe runs.
  • The propeller meter consists of a rotating device, a helical- shaped impeller, positioned in the flow stream to measure fluid flow rates.
  • When fluid passes through the meter, it contacts the impeller causing it to spin. The impeller's rotational velocity is directly proportional to the velocity of the flow. Learn More.

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