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Best Selling Propeller Meter in the U.S.

McCrometer has set the standard for ease-of-use and value in the agricultural, municipal, industrial and turf markets since 1955.

Our leading-edge propeller flow meters offer economical and versatile water flow measurement, especially suited to dirty water flows, municipal and other high-volume water applications.

Trusted by Irrigators since 1955

Unlike traditional types of water meters, the Mc Propeller uses a flexible drive-train and sealed ball bearings. Its unique design makes it easy to service in the field and requires no external power or batteries. Standard features include an instantaneous flow rate indicator and six-digit totalizer. There are no tight tolerances in the Mc Propeller. It handles solids suspended in water without clogging. With its high accuracy, this flow meter is also a water management tool, helping to reduce water costs, preventing over-irrigation and reducing leaching of chemicals and fertilizers into the ground.

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McCrometer's Mc Propeller flowmeters operate in a wide variety of environments without damage or loss of accuracy. They deliver ± 2% of true accuracy and ± .25% repeatability over a flow range of 25 to 1. Whether measuring clean or dirty fluids, McCrometer's McPropeller flowmeters excel in measuring turbulent flows, and their built in versatility makes them ideal for retrofits.

Agricultural Applications:
Water and WasteWater Applications  
  • Canal Laterals
  • Center Pivot Systems
  • Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation
  • Golf Course and Park Water Management
  • Back Wash
  • Cooling Water
  • Filter and Pipe Galleries
  • Potable Water
  • Pump Stations
  • Pump Stations-Raw Water
  • Rate-of-flow Controller- Raw Water
  • Transmission Lines-Raw Water
  • Truck Loading and Discharge
  • Wastewater Effluent
  • Wastewater Management
  • Water Well Production


  • Best-selling irrigation meter in the US
  • Clean and dirty flows
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Easy to service in the field
  • Accuracy of +/-2% of reading
  • Repeatability of +/-0.25%
  • Self-cleaning design
  • Instantaneous flow rate
  • Indicator-totalizer on every model
  • Turndown: up to 15:1


The Mc Propeller is a uniquely-designed propeller meter good for both clean and dirty water flows, and is the top-selling flow meter in the US for agriculture and turf irrigation applications.

  • Accuracy: +/-2%
  • Repeatability: +/-0.25%
  • Turndown: up to 15:1
  • Very low permanent headloss
  • Mechanical instantaneous flowrate indicator and totalizer standard
  • Optional electronic digital register available
  • Unique magnetic coupling system, isolates register from flow
  • Needs 5-10 diameters upstream, 1-2 diameter downstream
  • Straightening veins to generate optimum flow profiles
  • Epoxy-coated carbon steel body; all stainless available
  • Pre-calibrated, corrosion-resistant polymer impeller
  • AWWA approved for cold water use
  • Register options: forward/reverse flow; test hand/index wheel; anti-reverse totalizer; custom scale; extended digit totalizer
  • Impeller options: high temperature resistant; acid and caustic resistant
  • Line sizes: from 2" to 96"

    Suggested Specifications
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  The Mc Propeller is available in a wide range of designs. Use the following table to find the model best suited for your application.

McCromter MF100
McCromter MG100
McCromter MT100
McCromter ML100
McCromter M0300
Models Configuration Sizes
MF100 Fixed Ell Meters with AWWA Class D Flanged Ends 2" - 12"
MG100 Fixed Ell Meters with Grooved Ends 2" - 24"
MS100 Fixed Ell Meters with Smooth (Plain) Ends 2" - 24"
MT100 Fixed Ell Meters with NPS Threaded Ends 2" - 6"
ML100 Fixed Ell Irrigation Meters with Flanged Ends 6" - 12"
M0300 Bolt-On Saddle Meters 4" - 16"
M1400 Bolt-On Saddle Meters 18" - 36"
MW500 Top Plate Meters with AWWA Class D Flanged Ends 2" - 24"
QW500 All 304 Stainless Steel Top Plate Meters with AWWA Class D Flanged Ends 2" - 24"
MZ500 Top Plate Meters with ANSI Class 300 Flanged Ends 4" - 24"
QZ500 All 304 Stainless Steel Top Plate Meters with ANSI Class 300 Flanged Ends 4" - 24"
MW600 Weld-On Top Plate Saddle Meters 4" - 48"
MG900 Top Plate Meters with Grooved Ends 4" - 24"
MT900 Top Plate Meters with NPS Threaded Ends 2" - 6"
M1104 Fire Hydrant Meter 4"
M1700 Open Flow Meters 10" - 64"
MM800 Right Angle Down-Flow Meters 3" - 24"
MW800 Right Angle Up-Flow Meters 3" - 24"
McCromter M1400
McCromter MW500
McCromter MW600
McCromter MG900
McCromter M1400

For dimensional data, propeller information and register options, contact McCrometer direct on +1-951-652-6811 or call your nearest McCrometer representative.


How it Works:

  • The Mc Propeller consists of a rotating device, a helical-shaped impeller, positioned in the flow stream
  • When fluid passes through the meter, it contacts the impeller causing it to spin
  • The impeller's rotational velocity is directly proportional to the velocity of the flow
  • The rotation is translated through a magnetic coupling and flexible drive system to the register, which calculates the flow rate by multiplying the flow velocity with the cross–sectional area of the meter tube.

Flow Parameters
The following flow and installation parameters will help you decide whether the Mc Propeller is suited to your specific flow measurement application. Alternatively, download and send our Free Flow Evaluation Form and a McCrometer sales representative will assist you in choosing the best flow meter for your needs.

Types of flow measured: Water and liquids with some suspended solids.
Flow range: 1 - 15 FPS typical
Operating temperature: 160° F maximum continuous operation
Operating pressure: Up to 300 psi
Head loss: Very low