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Ultra Mag Pill Logo Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Industrial or Municipal Magnetic Flow Meter

Ultra Mag Electromagnetic Flow Meter
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The Ultra Mag is an advanced, leading-edge magmeter. The field-proven electromagnetic flow meter was designed for the specific needs of the industrial and water & wastewater industries. The mag flow meter's unique NSF-approved UltraLiner™ provides superior electrical insulation as well as excellent protection against corrosion and abrasion.

A New Standard for Performance

The Ultra Mag magnetic flowmeter sets a new standard for performance, ease-of-use and value. It is designed specifically for conductive liquids, slurries and sludge. These mag meters use a non-intrusive measurement element. Debris / solids will not clog the line. The Ultra Mag flow meter is excellent in harsh environments requiring minimal maintenance. These mag flow meters are ideal in water well production, pump stations, industrial / municipal water & wastewater and more. The UltraMag can be ordered with custom lay lengths to fit space requirements. Optional end connections include ANSI, DIN, JIS, smooth, and grooved ends.
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Magmeters provide worry-free flow measurement where high accuracy over a wide flow range is critical. Unlike mechanical flow meters, there are no moving parts. Measurement is unaffected by changes in fluid density and viscosity. The Ultra Mag is an exceptionally stable and reliable flow meter. As always, all of McCrometer's flow meters are individually calibrated in our world-class NIST traceable calibration facilities.

Agricultural & Turf Irrigation Canal Laterals | Center Pivot Systems | Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation | Golf Course and Park Water Management
Metals and Mining Leachate | Washing
Power Feedwater
Process & Facility Control Air | Air + C02 + SF6 | Air / Gas | Argon | Carbon Dioxide | Caustic | Compound Blending Systems | Condensate | Cooling Water | Gases (Ammonia, Argon, Chlorine, CL2 + Air, Fuel, HCI + H2, Hydrogen, Naphtha, Natural, Nitrogen, Other Hydro Carbon, Propylene) | Liquid Butane | MTBE | Oil | Solvent | Steam | Tank-Car Loading | Water | Water Condensate
Pulp, Paper and Wood Black Liquor | Pulp Stock
Water & Wastewater Back Wash | Cooling Water | Filter and Pipe Galleries | Potable Water | Pump Stations | Pump Stations-Raw Water | Rate-of-flow Controller- Raw Water | Transmission Lines-Raw Water | Truck Loading and Discharge | Wastewater Effluent | Wastewater Management | Water Well Production


  • Fusion-bonded NSF approved epoxy UltraLiner - Durable, submersible, abrasion / corrosion resistant
  • Coil sweeps wide pipe cross section - Accurate across wide flow range
  • Accuracy: +/-0.5% of actual flow - Reliable meter that never requires recalibration water applications, battery powered accuracy is ± 1%
  • Customized lengths and flanges - Reduces installation costs
  • Low Maintenance - Non-intrusive sensing element, debris / solids will not clog the line
  • Power Options - AC, DC, battery and solar power options available


The Ultra Mag is a non-intrusive electromagnetic flow meter with unique NSF-approved UltraLiner technology.

Specifications and design features:

  • Accuracy: +/-0.5% of actual flow, ± 1% for battery powered converters
  • Repeatability: +/-0.05%
  • Rangeability: from 0.2 FPS to 32 FPS
  • Non-intrusive measurement
  • NSF-approved, fusion-bonded epoxy liner: the UltraLiner
  • Smart Output AMI / AMR compatibility available on new and retrofit
  • Pre-programmed and pre-calibrated to user's specific applications
  • Meter is wet calibrated in NIST traceable calibration facility
  • Test mode and self-diagnostics
  • Forward and reverse flow outputs and totalization
  • Line sizes from 2" to 48"


CSA, UL, ISO Certifications and Approvals:
McCrometer CSA Certification   Listed by CSA to 61010-1: Certified by CSA to UL 61010-1 and CSA C22.2  No. 61010-1-04
McCromter Ultra Mag ISO Certification   ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system
NVLAP Lab Code 201023-0 ISO17025:2005   Certificate of Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005

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