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Industrial Process

Industrial utilities, district energy facilities, power generation and processing plants depend on the economical handling of energy, which requires accurate, reliable flow instrumentation. Whether you need to measure air, water, steam, liquid or gas, there's a McCrometer flow meter ideally suited for your industrial application.

McCrometer flow meters offer unbeatable value in cost of installation and ownership, and are recommended for capital or maintenance projects, retrofits, and sites never metered before.

To learn more about McCrometer's V-Cone Flow Meter, an advanced dP meter ideal for use where accuracy, low maintenance and cost are critical, watch this short video below:

dP Meter Mag Meter Propeller Meter
Accuracy Line Sizes Hot Tap
Fits in Tight Spaces
Easy to Install and Operate
V-Cone® ±.5% 1/2" - 120"+
Wafer Cone® ±1% 1" - 6"
Ultra Mag® ±.5% 2" - 48"
FPI Mag® ±.5% 4" - 138"
SPI Mag™ ±2% 2" - 96"
Mc® Propeller ±2% 2" - 138"
Water Specialties™ ±2% 2" - 72"

What Our Customers are Saying:

"Steam injection plays a critical role in our poultry operations. The measurement accuracy of the V-Cone Flow Meter provides us with better overall control and process efficiency. It also requires less space to install, which gives us equipment layout flexibility."

Tony Nichols, Pilgrims Pride

Industrial Process

A Few of our Industrial Flow Meters .... Find out More ...

V-Cone: Advanced Differential Pressure Flow Meter with Built in Flow Conditioning. Ideal for use in tight fit and retrofit installations.

‣Ultra Mag: A truly customizable mag meter built to fit your application. Special lay lengths and flanged end connections.

‣FPI Mag Flow Meters: Proven accuracy ± 0.5%. Simple hot tap Installation saves up to 45% on installation and cost of ownership.

‣Mc® Propeller Meters: Affordable, easy to install, operate, and service in the field, long-life components.

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