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Series: MCMAG2000
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The McMag 2000 provides farmers and irrigators an affordable and easy-to-read mag meter with minimal maintenance and little to no downtime. As the only mag meter on the market with a price tag comparable to a propeller meter, the McMag 2000 has a low cost of ownership without compromising durability and accuracy. The McMag 2000 is portable, an efficient purchase for users with multiple irrigation lines. This mag’s familiar saddle-style form and streamlined functionality allows for in-field programmability and serviceability.

  • McMag 2000 can be installed easily in-field, minimizing downtime
  • Modular design allows each piece to be independently replaced and self-serviced
  • McMag 2000 has a low cost of ownership offering mag meter technology for the price of a propeller meter
  • The saddle style design and DIY converter programmability allow for portability