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The Benefits of McCrometer Flow Meters for Municipal Water Applications

Accurate, repeatable flow measurement is essential to cost-conscious drinking water and wastewater managers. From water storage, transmission lines to raw water, water treatment and more; reducing costs and improving flow control is on everyone’s mind. McCrometer mag meters, propeller meters and differential pressure flow meters offer unbeatable value in cost of installation and ownership, and set the standard for ease-of-use, ruggedness and reliability. Our leading-edge meters offer versatile, accurate flow measurement used in facilities across the globe.

How to Know Which Drinking Water or Wastewater Flow Meter is Right

Cost: Typically when choosing a flow meter, the higher the accuracy the higher the cost. In addition to the cost of the meter, things to consider include what it costs to install, calibrate, replace your meter or shut down your line. As you compare different meters, be sure to amortize the total cost of the flow meter over its lifespan.

Application: Whether the fluid media is drinking water or wastewater, knowing how conductive the media is in the pipe will be a big part of your decision. Some flow meters are affected by fluid temperature and operating pressure, so it’s critical that the meter you select has specifications that will meet your application needs.

Upstream and Downstream Piping: When meters are placed too close to pumps, valves, elbows and other obstructions, unstable or irregular flow can impact performance. Before selecting a meter, check the specific pipe run requirements from the meter to a stable flow profile.

McCrometer’s Solutions for Drinking Water and Wastewater Applications

McCrometer has been innovating flow meters since 1955 to meet the specific needs of our customers. We specialize in the design, manufacture, installation and testing of flow meter solutions that are ideally suited to drinking water and wastewater. To learn more about mag meters, read: 5 Keys to Selecting a Mag Meter. In addition, the VM V-Cone System offers an advanced differential pressure flow sensing design, or our line of propeller meters which are ideal for a wide range of applications. To learn more about McCrometer’s Next Generation Mag Meter, watch this short video:

Next Gen FPI Mag

McCrometer flow meters for use in measuring municipal water, drinking water, waste water

See below for more McCrometer flow solutions for Municipal Water and Wastewater

  • SPI Mag®: Cost effective insertion mag meter for measurement of liquid in a closed conduit, pressurized pipe. Unlike conventional mag meters, the cost is independent of pipe size. There are no moving parts to maintain or replace.
  • Ultra Mag®: Requires just 1D upstream and 0D downstream of most flow distrubers, and still maintains 0.5% accuracy across a large flow range. The unique NSF-approved UltraLiner™ provides superior electrical insulation and protection against corrosion and abrasion. Available with custom lay lengths
  • Water Specialties Propeller Meters™: Manufactured using precise techniques and high quality materials, the long-life ceramic thrust bearings and cast bronze gearbox are designed to deliver superior performance, low maintenance and unsurpassed durability

What Our Customers are Saying:

"My decision to specify McCrometer is based upon these four basic facts: they are ruggedly built, simple to install, easy to read, and above all have had consistent high quality for more than 20 years."

David R. Bower, McCrometer Customer

Mag Meter Propeller Meter dP Meter
Accuracy Line Sizes Repeatability
Hot Tap Installation
Itron / Sensus Smart Output
Ultra Mag® ±.5% 2" - 48"
FPI Mag® ±.5% 4" - 138"
SPI Mag™ ±2% 2" - 96"
Mc® Propeller ±2% 2" - 138"
Water Specialties™ ±2% 2" - 72"
VM V-Cone® ±.5% 2" - 24"

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