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Accurate, reliable liquid flow measurement is essential to cost-conscious water and wastewater managers. From water storage to transmission lines to raw water to wastewater treatment and more, McCrometer's mag meters, propeller meters and differential presser meters offer an economical solution to fit almost any application or facility.

McCrometer flow meters offer unbeatable value in cost of installation and ownership, and are recommended for capital or maintenance projects, retrofits, and sites never metered before.

To learn more about McCrometer's Next Generation Mag Meter breakthroughsolution for water flow measurement, watch this short video below:

Mag Meter Propeller Meter dP Meter
Accuracy Line Sizes Repeatability
Hot Tap Installation
Itron / Sensus Smart Output
Ultra Mag® ±.5% 2" - 48"
FPI Mag® ±.5% 4" - 138"
SPI Mag™ ±2% 2" - 96"
Mc® Propeller ±2% 2" - 138"
Water Specialties™ ±2% 2" - 72"
VM V-Cone® ±.5% 2" - 24"

What Our Customers are Saying:

"My decision to specify McCrometer is based upon these four basic facts: they are ruggedly built, simple to install, easy to read, and above all have had consistent high quality for more than 20 years."

David R. Bower, McCrometer Customer

McCrometer Water

A Few of our Municipal Water and Wastewater Flow Meters .... Find out More ...

McCrometer Ultra Mag: Save time, costs and labor, with McCrometer's accurate, durable Ultra Mag. Custom lengths available. ±0.5% accurate.

‣McCrometer FPI Mag Flow Meters: Proven accuracy ± 0.5%. Simple Installation saves up to 45% on installation and cost of ownership.

‣Water Specialties Propeller Meters: Affordable, easy to install and operate, easy to service in the field, long-life components.

‣McCrometer VM V-ConeFlow Meters: Ideal for use with in rugged conditions where accuracy, and low maintenance are important.

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