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SB-88 regulation applies to all California water right holders who divert more than 10 acre-feet of water per year. The annual reporting requirements apply to all statement holders, as well as persons authorized to appropriate water under a permit, license, registration or certificate for livestock ond use. This can be achieved economically with a McCrometer flow meter and reporting device like McCrometer CONNECT telemetry or data logging.


McCrometer Flow Meter and Recording Solutions:

Data Logger
DataLogger MC20-D2 The Datalogger can be retrofitted to any existing McCrometer propeller style meter in less than 20 minutes, and stores data up to 5 years.
High Accuracy
High Accuracy The Ultra Mag offers high ±0.5% accuracy with 1 pipe diameter of straigh run upstream from flow disturbances.
Surface Water
Surface Water - MO300-SW The Mc Propeller MO300-SW can be installed facing downstream; shedding debris, sand and silt very efficiently.
Cost Savings
Cost Savings The Mc Mag3000 can be installed without cutting pipe to weld on flanges, and comes standard with a DataLogger and Pulse & 4-20mA outputs and a 5 year battery guarantee.

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