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New Reverse-Helix Propeller Flow Meter Sheds Debris, Resists Sand in Surface and Well Water Applications

October 3, 2016

New Reverse-Helix Propeller Flow Meter
Sheds Debris, Resists Sand In Surface and Well Water Applications

Water engineers and technicians will find the innovative Mc® Propeller Model MO300SW Reverse-Helix Flow Meter from McCrometer sheds a variety of organic and inorganic debris and resists sand typically associated with flow measurement in surface and water well applications to increase measurement accuracy, reduce maintenance requirements and lower total operating costs.

The MO300SW is a reverse-helix design propeller flow meter that comes in a bolt-on saddle configuration suitable for use in line sizes from 4 to 12 inches. Delivering accuracy of ±2 percent over the full flow range with ±0.25 percent repeatability, the MO300SW offers accurate flow measurement and high reliability in the industry’s most popular 4- to 12-inch line sizes. 

Featuring an innovative debris shedding design that turns the meter body 180-degrees from normal, the MO300SW’s reverse-helix propeller is installed nose-first on the bearing shaft and utilizes a reverse flow style bearing assembly. This unique construction style allows the ell to curve with the flow, shedding grass or sand and silt off with ease for increased operational reliability and longer-life.

Plant matter, silt, and sand are a common problem in both surface and well water applications that can be alleviated with the MO300SW meter. Their debris often causes head-loss (low pressure) and the fouling of meters, pumps and other process components. The result is extra maintenance, equipment damage or shorter equipment life in applications that include: drinking water from lakes and other aquifers, irrigation systems, treatment ponds, aquaculture and lagoons for amusement parks, golf courses and planned residential communities or in business parks and commercial developments.

To simplify installation and resist corrosion, the M0300SW meter features a 304C stainless steel saddle with McCrometer’s advanced drive and register design. The stainless steel saddle eliminates the fatigue-related breakage common with cast iron and aluminum saddles while providing unsurpassed corrosion resistance. The stainless steel construction also is flexible enough to conform to out-of-true pipe conditions.

The MO300SW’s reverse-helix impellers are designed with high-impact polypropylene plastic, which retains its shape and accuracy over the life of the meter. An optional high-temperature plastic that withstands temperatures to 160ºF (71ºC) is available for thermal water or heated-water applications. 

The MO300SW’s 316 stainless steel impeller shaft is supported with lubricated 440C stainless steel bearings for superior reliability and long-life. This shielded bearing design limits the entry of foreign materials and fluids into the bearing chamber, providing maximum bearing protection. Shielded bearings significantly extend the meter’s life and reduce the total cost of instrument ownership.
An instantaneous mechanical flow indicator with a six-digit flow totalizer comes standard with the MO300SW. This flow register is hermetically sealed within a die-cast aluminum case for operation in rugged conditions and extreme climate conditions. An optional digital register is available upon request.

Unlike mag and other types of flow meters, the MO300SW requires no electric power to operate. With no Lithium batteries to fail in extreme heat or cold or humidity, flow data is continuously available and safe via the MO300SW's standard register.

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