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New McCrometer Mc SpaceSaver™ Flow Meter Helps Get Agriculture Out of a Tight Spot

Ideal For Water Metering Programs in Agriculture, Turf Irrigation

To help farmers, water district engineers and irrigation dealers cope with the latest water metering programs, the new breakthrough McCrometer Mc SpaceSaver™ Flow Meter combines advanced flow conditioning and propeller meter technologies to deliver a space-saving, high-accuracy solution at the industry’s lowest installed cost.

The advanced Mc SpaceSaver from McCrometer is a total system solution, featuring a built-in flow straightener to condition water flow, which virtually eliminates the upstream/downstream straight pipe runs typically required in existing or new flow meter applications. Requiring only 1.5 straight pipe diameters upstream and 0-0.5 downstream, the compact Mc SpaceSaver reduces typical installation piping and labor costs by more than 50 percent, which makes it the right fit for both retrofit and in brand new installations.

Delivering accuracy of ±2 percent and ±0.25 repeatability over a 15:1 flow range, the Mc SpaceSaver offers precision flow measurement and reliability in the most popular 6- to 12-inch irrigation line sizes. Its built-in flow conditioning technology allows the Mc SpaceSaver to be installed in close proximity to chemigation, butterfly and gate valves, or out-of-plane elbows, reducers and other piping problems as compared to mag and other flow meters that specify their accuracy based on ideal laboratory flow conditions.

The precision Mc SpaceSaver is designed with heavy-duty propeller meter technology for rugged agricultural service. Featuring a self-cleaning propeller design, the Mc SpaceSaver prevents the build-up of solids. The Mc SpaceSaver’s unique magnetic coupling system keeps the register drive isolated from the flow while permitting unrestricted movement of the impeller. Free rotation of the impeller also is assured by factory-lubricated stainless steel bearings.

The Mc SpaceSaver’s high-impact plastic impeller will not flex or otherwise change in dimension. In fact, it maintains its shape and accuracy of the lifetime of the meter. The impeller is also corrosion and erosion resistant, enabling it to operate safely in rugged environments. Turbulent flows, suspended solids and other contaminants are no problem for the Mc SpaceSaver.

Unlike mag and other types of flow meters, the Mc SpaceSaver requires no electric power to operate. With no Lithium batteries to fail in extreme heat or cold or humidity, flow data is continuously available and safe via the Mc SpaceSaver’s standard register. The register provides instantaneous indication of flow rate and a straight-reading totalizer.

With superior flow measurement accuracy, a real space-saver design and ease of installation, the Mc SpaceSaver helps farmers, turf irrigators and other growers better manage irrigation, overall water consumption and costs. Improved irrigation management also optimizes crop growth and reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides, leading to an overall reduction in costs and greater operational efficiency that translates into bigger profits.