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Employment Verification


McCrometer has a service designed to streamline the employment and salary verification process for McCrometer employees.

The Work Number® is an automated service that allows employees the ability to quickly provide proof of employment or income to mortgage lenders, banks, prospective landlords and others.

Employees benefit from having control of the process, since they authorize access to their information. In addition, it can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Verifiers benefit because they can obtain evidence of employment or income within minutes.

Employment Verification

Buying a home or a car? Applying for a loan? Leasing an apartment?
You'll need proof of employment or income...
For fast, secure, anytime-anywhere proof of employment or income via the Web or phone McCrometer uses...The Work Number.
The Work Number service is used when you apply for a loan, need a reference check, lease an apartment or any other instance where proof of employment or income is needed. You benefit from having control of the process – by authorizing others access to your information.

Need Proof of Employment?

Need Proof of Employment Plus Income?

Applying to a Social Service Agency?

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Due to the volume of requests we receive, please do not contact Human Resources directly.