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Major Facilities

For more than 60 years, McCrometer has demonstrated an unyielding commitment to integrity which is reflected in our stringent flowmeter calibration processes. Each flowmeter is individually wet calibrated in one of our two world-class NIST traceable calibration facilities and delivered with a Certificate of Calibration.

Our flow lab also features ISO and NVLAP for V-Cone products.

Hemet, California USA  : USA Headquarters
Our Hemet, California factory boasts a robust Calibration Test Lab that enables production of the most accurate and precise flow instrumentation. The test facility utilizes two gravimetric systems and two volumetric systems providing accuracy and calibration tests of flowmeters from 1/2 to 14-inch diameter, with flow rates up to 4,000 gpm.

Key functions include

  • Customer Service & Tech Support to assist our worldwide partners and customers. 
  • Product Engineering and Manufacturing capability supporting our commitment to innovation and production quality. 
Porterville, California USA  : Test Facilities
Our large volume test facility is located in Porterville, California. This facility is one of the world’s largest volumetric test facilities owned by a meter manufacturer, and it offers accuracy and calibration tests of flowmeters from 3 to 48-inch diameter, pull through tests for FPI’s cover up to our max size we build of 138”, with flow rates up to 28,000 gpm.