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Making a Difference

In the not-too-distant past, flowmeters were simple measuring devices with equally simple applications. Today, flowmeters are sophisticated measurement tools. They help users manage operating costs, assure environmental compliance, and improve processes as diverse as natural gas drilling and farmland irrigation. They also accurately and reliably measure a broader range of flows than ever before, including many considered immeasurable just a few years ago.

No manufacturer has led the advance in flow measurement more than McCrometer. For over 60 years, our application engineers, researchers and designers have put their knowledge of flow physics and real-world operating dynamics into developing some of the most accurate, innovative and trusted flowmeters on the market. These efforts have been in direct response to customer input. They have created solutions for one-of-a-kind applications and industry-wide challenges alike.

The result of these efforts is a comprehensive flowmeter line that meets the exceptional as well as everyday needs of industrial, municipal and agricultural users. From the technically advanced V-Cone DP Flowmeter to the simplest propeller flowmeter, McCrometer products are designed to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Better control of your operating environment starts with better information.