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Choosing the Right Battery-Powered Mag Meter for Agricultural Crops

Battery Powered Mag Meter for Irrigation Management

Flow Meters as Irrigation Management Tools

The role of the flow meter is evolving from simple irrigation measurement to serving water management in efficiency, conservation, and cost control. The strategic placement of flow meters provides essential data points which allow operators to make smart decisions with return-on-investment impact as they optimize water use for agricultural crops.

There are many factors that add to the complexity and accuracy of measuring agricultural water usage. Crops, farm size and Irrigation systems, including center-pivot, flood, rotation, surface, subsurface, sprinkler, flood and drip, can impact water delivery rates from one irrigation event to the next and can even differ from field-to-field. For these reasons, the flow meter technologies that best serve as water management tools must be versatile, accurate, and durable.

Propeller Meters vs. Mag Meters

While propeller meters continue to be the best-selling meters for growers, in recent years there’s been seen a shift towards using electromagnetic flow meters in agricultural applications due to the higher accuracy range and the fact that there are no moving parts. These devices, also called magnetic meters or mag meters, are based on Faraday’s Law which is that the voltage induced in any conductor moving through a magnetic field is proportional to the velocity of the flow of water. As a general rule, today’s mag meters pay for themselves quickly. They help conserve water, improve efficiency, and reduce costs all at the same time.

The Benefits of Battery Powered Mag Meters

Today’s growers are also looking for ways to quickly and efficiently read their meters, and some of the newest meters on the market today offer battery-powered for locations where AC power connection is not an option. These batteries can range in life from one to five years, so be sure to consider the cost to replace the battery in the total cost of ownership (TCO). Another very important feature to consider is the ability to replace the batteries in the field. Some meters need to be removed from the line and sent in to the factory, causing major inconveniences. Be sure to find a meter that offers a longer warranty and is field-replaceable.

McCrometer’s Innovative Mag Meter Solution for Irrigation and Agriculture Applications

The Dura Mag battery-powered electromagnetic flow meter represents McCrometer’s latest innovation in our commitment to advancing solutions for managing water. With a five-year battery life (and three-year battery warranty), the Dura Mag eliminates the need for AC power connection, and provides the easiest installation available on the market for a flanged mag flow meter. The Dura Mag has several telemetry-ready output options, and comes equipped with an internal datalogger with 5 years of data storage to ensure access to historical data. The bottom line is: knowing more about what flows in and what flows out puts you in control where it counts. Click here to learn more about McCrometer’s Dura Mag, to watch a short video on the field-replaceable battery or to order online.

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