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Ideal for Leak Detection and Minimizing Water Loss

The Future of Water Measurement Has Never Been Brighter McCrometer FPI heading

The Future of Water Measurement Has Never Been Brighter


The FPI Mag provides proven full profile flow measurement, and is an economical solution to large line sizes. The FPI Mag is ideal for capital or maintenance projects, retrofits and new sites not previously metered. The unique combination of accuracy, ease of installation and total cost savings make it the meter of choice for a wide range of municipal and industrial applications.

  • Easy, hot tap installation reduces the need for heavy equipment and added manpower required for a typical full-bore meter installation
  • Installs without interrupting service, de-watering lines, cutting pipe or welding flanges
  • Install a new or replacement flow meter without inconveniencing customers
  • Meters line sizes from 100 mm to 3,500 mm
  • Proven Accuracy to ± 0.5%

Ideal for installing a new flow meter into water distribution or waste water networks, or where replacing a full-bore meter is not economical. The FPI Mag offers high performance and is easy to install for applications including leak detection, solving non-revenue water, minimizing water loss.

Unbeatable Value in Cost of Installation and Ownership

Certifications: FPI Mag comes with multiple product compliance certifications including, but not limited to CE, NSF and ISO 9001:2015.


Municipal Facilities

Drinking Water: distribution, effluent, pumping stations, UV dosing, filter balancing, backwash

Wastewater: Effluent, recycle/reclaim

Industrial Facilities: Power plants, paper mills, chemical & petrochemical plants, metals & mining, food & beverage

Applications: Cooling water, fire water, feed water, raw water, inlet to surge basin, effluent wastewater

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