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FS200 Flow Straightener

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Eliminate upstream and downstream pipe

Advanced Flow Straightening with Propeller Technologies

In addition to our FS100 Flow Straighteners, the FS200 Flow Straighteners are designed for easy, non-intrusive installation into 10- and 12-inch lines. This patented, sleek new design provides farmers, irrigation dealers, and water districts a solution when space is an issue. The FS200 is specially designed to reduce the need for large intrusions when cutting the pipe before installation. The FS200 allows installation through the same cutout as the propeller meter, eliminating the need to install from the open end of the pipeline.

The FS200 Flow Straightener provides the same field-proven performance as the FS100 while also reducing typical installation piping and labor costs by more than 50 percent. These benefits make the FS200 a great addition McCrometer’s Flow Straightener product portfolio.

  • Optional electronic digital register available
  • Unique magnetic coupling system, isolates register from flow
  • Straightening vanes to generate optimum flow profiles