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FPI Mag™ (Full Profile Insertion) Flow Meter Receives Innovation Award from Flow Control Magazine

Ideal for Municipal Water or Effluent Wastewater Treatment, Industrial Process Intake Water, Feed Water, Chilled Water, Cooling Water, Fire Water, Water Recycling, Effluent Discharge

McCrometer is pleased to announce that Grandview Media’s Flow Control Magazine has selected the revolutionary FPI Mag (Full Profile Insertion) Electromagnetic Flow Meter as one of the Innovation Award winners. The Flow Control Innovation Awards program is an annual competition designed to recognize the year’s most compelling advances in fluid handling technology.

The FPI Mag Flow Meter is notable as the industry’s only multi-electrode hot tap full profile insertion flow meter, delivering an accurate flow profile similar to a full-bore mag meter. A cost-saving choice for both municipal water and industrial applications, it installs without interrupting service, de-watering lines, cutting pipe or welding flanges and further reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for heavy equipment or extensive manpower. 

The FPI Mag makes it possible for municipal water suppliers and industrial facilities to install and maintain flow meters without expensive line shutdowns while improving process control and ensuring delivery accountability. Given the current economic environment, the FPI Mag has proven to be a valuable option for both municipal and industrial applications. As these customers are forced to manage with tighter budgets, the FPI Mag product offers a solution that both fits into the budget and delivers a high level of accuracy. 

Michelle Christie, Associate Product Manager for McCrometer Mag Meters, stated "Our FPI Mag is providing customers with an opportunity to measure flow where they couldn’t before. We have seen customers from all different applications this year. In many cases, the customers had large line sizes or complex pipe configurations, where other technologies could not compete from a cost, ease of use, or installation perspective. Additionally, we are seeing customers replace existing flow meters with the FPI Mag, where they see an immediate economic benefit from improved accuracy and lower maintenance, without ever having to interrupt the process."

The FPI Mag Flow Meter is the industry’s most economical flow metering solution for medium and large line sizes, reducing installed costs by more than 45 percent. The compact insertion design fits in confined spaces with limited access and offers total accessibility. The flow meter can be removed in pipes under pressure for easy inspection, cleaning, calibrating or verification with McCrometer’s own NIST traceable Calibration Lab. The FPI Mag is particularly cost-effective for retrofit applications replacing flow meters or in sites never metered before. 

With no moving parts and a single-piece design, the FPI Mag’s multi-electrode sensor contains nothing to wear or break, and it is generally immune to clogging by sand, grit or other debris. The meter’s enhanced design now features additional sensing electrodes for increased sensitivity and is now packaged in a heavy-duty 316 stainless steel sensor body for maximum structural integrity. The sensor is coated with a NSF certified 3M fusion-bonded epoxy coating for operational longevity.

The Full Profile Insertion Mag Flow Meter rivals the performance of full-bore electromagnetic flow meters at a fraction of the cost. Unlike all other insertion mag meters which only have a single point measurement, the FPI Mag’s multi-electrode sensor design compensates for variable flow profiles, including swirl, and turbulent conditions. Multiple electrodes placed across the entire sensor body continuously measure and report the average flow rate over the full diameter of pipe. 

The FPI Mag is available for forward-flow only or a bi-directional measurement for line sizes from 4 to 138 inches. With highly stable measurement, the FPI Mag features accuracy of ±1% of reading ±0.03 ft./sec zero stability from 0.3 to 20 ft/s velocity range. The flow sensor comes pre-calibrated from McCrometer’s NIST traceable Calibration Lab and requires no recalibration in the field.